July 9, 2020
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Goldfish Information » Goldfish Acclimation

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Goldfish Acclimation

Acclimating your goldfish is the first step you can do in order to make sure your goldfish have a smooth transition from our box to your aquariums or holding ponds.

  1. Open the box of goldfish and touch the bag to see how cold or hot the water feels compared to your aquarium/pond water. Do NOT open the plastic bag right away. Once the bag is open, all trapped oxygen is now gone. The most important thing in goldfish health is providing enough oxygen for your goldfish. If necessary, leave the bag of goldfish in the box for a short period of time to help in the acclimation process.
  2. You can now remove the bag from the box, and float the closed bag of goldfish in the aquarium/pond.
  3. Once the temperature in the bag feels close to the temperature in the aquarium/pond, open the bag, scoop the goldfish out and release them into your aquarium/pond.
  4. We ship your goldfish in 56 degree (F) water, so make sure the water warms up or cools down as close to your water temperature as possible.

If goldfish arrive gasping for air at the surface of the bag it is more important to get them oxygen then to acclimate the water temperature. So speed up the above process and get the goldfish in your aquarium or pond.