July 9, 2020
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Goldfish Information » Goldfish Quality

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Goldfish Quality

Goldfish produced by Ozark Fisheries are grown from a healthy, hardy stock under ideal conditions of sunlight and water by goldfish culturists who have decades of experience in commercial hatcheries. We spare no effort or expense to produce the best American bred goldfish. All goldfish are conditioned before shipping, thus insuring you against future trouble.

Goldfish quality first starts with the sorting and pairing of only the best broodstock. Round body shape is preferred in fancy goldfish such as red fantails, calico fantails and black moors. These fish must also have a split fan tail to be the most desirable. A longer, leaner body shape is preferred in straight tail goldfish such as commons, comets, sarasa commons and shubunkins. We pick our broodstock based on these preferences.

Ship stock goldfish are met with high quality standards as well. All fancy goldfish are hand sorted by our shipping department to insure the end product are the best goldfish we have available. Ship stock goldfish are checked for body conformation, size and overall appearance.

Our shipping department also grades each variety of fish into multiple size categories so the size of goldfish you order will be the size you receive. Special handmade graders divide our concrete holding tanks into multiple sections. These graders are then pushed toward one another, and depending on grader size, the smaller will swim out leaving the larger fish between the graders. This process is repeated until the entire tank of goldfish is divided into evenly sized fish.