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Red Fantails

Wholesale Red Fantails

Red Fantails (Carassius auratus) are a member of the fantail goldfish family. Named by the sweeping, fan-like, double tails which combine with color and graceful, beautiful movement, red fantails are a staple in early freshwater aquarium or small garden pond. They have orange metallic scales with a short round body and a split tail fin. They range in size from 1.5" to as large as 10".

Red Fantails, as their names states are red in color. There are several variations of the red fantail, most commonly with some fish having black or white markings on the red background.

Like all other goldfish, red fantails are hatched from an egg and are smaller than an eyelash in the first days of life. Amazingly, by 45 days they will grow to a marketable size of 1.5" - 2.5" but will need additional time for their color to fully develop.

Red Fantails are a community goldfish and will do great in any freshwater aquarium setting with all other goldfish, including calico fantails, black moors, shubunkins, sarasa comets, pond comets and regular common goldfish.