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Ozark Fisheries News

Happy Mother's Day

Published: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 10:56:49

By: Becca Witt

Happy Mothers Day!Happy Mother's Day

My, oh my, our goldfish have been busy little creatures the last several days. Last week they were just getting married and this week they are mothers and fathers, some of them for the first time and for others, well, let’s just say this spawning season isn’t their first rodeo.

It is impossible for me to wish each one our Ozark mommas a Happy Mother’s Day, but I did stop by and speak with a few of our more experienced aquatic moms yesterday and they shared with me what would make them the happiest on their special day this Sunday—sell their older kids!

Can you believe it? Their one wish for this Mother’s Day is to sell their older kiddos. Well, I just couldn’t believe it myself, but then I got to thinking about their proposition and it started to make sense. You see, the newest additions to the Ozark family need space to grow into happy, healthy sellable fish by fall and there is only one way to do just that—sell the mature fish (AKA the older kids) that are taking up space in our ponds.

Won’t you help grant their Mother’s Day wish and buy a few of my Ozark koi and goldfish? This week’s current availability and specials are attached to this message so you can do just that.

Gratefully yours,


Description: Goldfish and koi are spawning.
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