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Goldfish & Koi Food

Ozark Fisheries currently distributes three types of goldfish and koi food.

We offer a 42% protein floating pellet, 36% protein floating pellet and a 33% protein sinking pellet. Each blend is specially formulated for our company and will work great on your store shelves.

Please see our Goldfish Feeding and Koi Feeding pages for more information on fish feeding instructions.

Koi Food

Ozark Fisheries is a one-stop shop for all your aquatic livestock needs. We are an ornamental fish farm, specializing in quality koi and quality goldfish. If you are in need of a healthy, year round supply of feeder commons, pond comets, sarasa comets, shubunkins, red fantails, calico fantails, black moors, rosy red minnows, koi and butterfly koi at wholesale prices - you have come to the right place. We also raise and sell crayfish, trapdoor snails, bullfrog tadpoles and mosquito fish (gambusia).

Please select the tabs above to see more detailed pictures, descriptions and varieities of koi, feeder goldfish, fancy goldfish, minnows, koi food and all other products we have for sale. For more information about goldfish from feeding goldfish to breeding goldfish, go to our EVERYTHING GOLDFISH page. You can also go our our EVERYTHING KOI page to read detailed information about koi fish from koi age to koi varieties.