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Koi Health

Koi Health

Koi health and the research of koi diseases is one of our most focused concerns as koi breeders. We want to provide you a competitive edge in this ever changing industry. That is why Ozark Fisheries, Inc. has taken steps to insure you get healthy koi from us.

Starting in 2003, our koi and butterfly koi, as well as our goldfish, at both our Missouri and Indiana fish farms have been tested twice a year by an independent lab for SVCV (Spring Viremia of Carp Virus), IHN (Infectious Haematopoietic Necrosis), VHS (Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia), IPN (Infectious pancreatic necrosis) and Carp Erythrodermatitis under APHIS-approved protocols. Our fish farms have tested negative for all of these goldfish and koi diseases every single time. Ozark Fisheries performs this testing to ensure the health and safety of our fish and the product we are selling to our customers.

Here is a list of a few other measures we take to protect the product we are selling to our customers.

  1. We only produce goldfish, koi, rosy reds, bullfrog tadpoles, Japanese trapdoor snails and crawfish on our farms.
  2. We understand people, trucks, fish and wildlife can transmit diseases to our farm and are very careful about what we allow in and out of our facilities.
  3. Our farms are located long distances from any other fish farms.
  4. We are and will continue to stay current on APHIS regulations and other government agencies regulatory rules and processes.
  5. We have voluntarily submitted hundreds of koi and goldfish for testing since 2003.
  6. Fish are never returned to our farm and no fish are ever given to us from another source.

Also remember do not release any aquarium or pond species into local waters. Please do your part to protect the environment.