February 19, 2020
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Koi Quality

Koi  Quality

Ozark Fisheries offers two quality grades of koi and butterfly koi - pond run and select.The quality of your koi and butterfly koi should be determined by your customer base. If you have customers looking for the highest quality koi, our select grade is right for you. If your clients want a more affordable koi and are looking for a mix of colors, our pond run grade is right for you.

Our pond run koi and butterfly koi are a mix of fish picked from one of our many tanks of ship stock. When ordering pond run koi and butterfly koi you will get a mix of sellable colors, but these fish are not hand selected.

Our select koi and butterfly koi are hand selected by one of our shipping room staff specifically for your order. When ordering select koi, you can request a certain variety of koi or butterfly koi or you can request a mix of the best koi in our tanks. Select koi and select butterfly koi have the best color patterns, excellent body conformation and brightest colors.