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Ozark celebrates 85 years in business!

Published: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 14:06:45

By: Becca Witt

Yes, Ozark Fisheries is celebrating 85 years in business. The family company was started back in 1926 raising common goldfish, red fantails and shubunkins. Ozark celebrates 85 years in business!

We've come a long way since those early days, having added sarasa comets, calico fantails, black moors, koi, butterfly koi, rosie red minnows, snails, crayfish and tadpoles to our product line. With our complete line of ornamental goldfish and koi, we have grown into one of the largest koi and goldfish breeders/producers in the United States.

Ozark celebrates 85 years in business!

Do you know what else was happening in 1926?

*In the "Garden City" baseball great Babe Ruth caught a baseball dropped from a plane.

*The New York Times celebrated its 75th Anniversary

*Washington reported that 1 in 6 Americans now owned cars. The price of a brand new automobile was $360 and a gallon of gas cost $.12. It seems like a deal, but people were only making, on average, $2,310 per year.

Yes, when you think about it, things have changed a lot in 85 years. But, after all this time there are some things which have remained the same.

One good thing is that Ozark Fisheries is still around and thriving after 85 years of hard work and lots of dedication by everyone involved...and most importantly, caring about customers who helped us reach this milestone.

Description: Ozark Fisheries started raising goldfish in 1926 and has grown into one of the nation's largest producers of feeder goldfish, fancy goldfish and koi.
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