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Ozark Fisheries News

Raising koi and goldfish a family affair.

Published: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 14:12:48

By: Becca Witt

Who raises the goldfish and koi you are buying from Ozark's Missouri farm? We are a family business in more ways than one!Raising koi and goldfish a family affair.

Ozark welcomes it's new production manager Ross Smith to it's Missouri koi farm. Even though Ross is the new manager he certainly is not new to the koi and goldfish business.

Ross has been with Ozark Fisheries for 27 years. He started his career with Ozark Fisheries here in Missouri in 1985 working in fish production for his father Stan Smith. Ross has been literally raised on the farm with his family living here since the 1970’s. Stan Smith retired in October of 2011 after 42 years.

Ross lives and breaths the goldfish and koi business. He lives in a home right here on the farm and can look out on the ponds from his front door.

The dedication it takes to circle a pond daily feeding the fish, checking on the health of your fish is a 365 day a year job. The rewarding feeling you get from seeing the little "black" baby goldfish turn bright gold or the colorless baby koi turn to their vibrant colors makes it all worth while.

So like father, like son we are excited to continue the legacy of quality koi and goldfish for years to come.

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