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Saving Pennies on Goldfish and Koi

Published: Mon, 29 Oct 2018 09:20:03

By: Becca Witt

Read this article to learn a lesson from Becca's kiddo on saving pennies on goldfish and koi.Saving Pennies on Goldfish and Koi

I recently took my six year old to Toys R Us, gave him a $25 budget and told him he could pick out whatever he wanted, but if he went over his $25 budget, he would have to use his own money to pay the difference. Let me tell you, as soon as we walked through the doors, that kid acted like a little monkey hyped up on Mountain Dew.

He ran through the Lego aisle twice (just in case he missed something), and found a few items he liked but they were WAY over his $25 budget. We then proceeded to the John Deere section where he examined all the latest and greatest in farm implement toys and tractors. But he really wanted a new Wii game, so off we went to electronics.

He found a Super Mario Brothers game for $29.99. Oh man, he just had to have it. I explained he would have to use $4.99 of his own money to get the game. Man oh man, did he think long and hard. He paced the floor back and forth, thinking if he could really ‘afford’ the $4.99. After a solid ten minutes of thinking and debating, he completely shocked me and decided he really only needed the $12.50 tractor trailer toy he had seen while looking at the John Deere toys. He would pass on the Wii game and SAVE the remaining money of his $25 budget and keep all of his Christmas money too.

Saving Pennies on Goldfish and Koi

Garrett has always saved his pennies (maybe even a little better than his momma), but after this experience, I’ve determined this kid is tight with his money. I mean T-I-G-H-T!

We can all take a lesson from Garrett. Just because there is money to be spent, do we really need to spend it? Shouldn’t we shop around and find the best deal? Look for what we need and not necessarily what we want? Absolutely.

When you are deciding where to buy your goldfish and koi to supply your customers water garden and aquarium needs, be sure to choose Ozark as your distributor. We encourage you to shop around for the best deal, and guarantee when it comes to selection, service, price and freight, Ozark is the best choice.

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