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Ozark Fisheries News

Spring has Sprung!

Published: Thu, 13 Dec 2012 13:06:56

By: Becca Witt

2012 Spawning season off to a good start! Spring has Sprung!

With the terrific weather most of the nation has been experiencing, Missouri and Indiana, the locations of our two goldfish and koi farms are no exception. This year our goldfish are spawning and babies are hatching earlier than usual. What does this mean for you our customer? NEW baby fish are right around the corner. With the unusually cold spring we had last year and the very hot summer, raising a good crop of goldfish and koi for many of us fish farmers across the nation was a challenge last year. From fish that would not spawn to brooders who couldn’t take the heat it was a challenging year.

So to say that we are thrilled about an early spawn is putting it mildly. You probably do not know this but Ozark Fisheries has to plant probably ten times more fish then we need to have enough fish to sell you. The goldfish predators are eating more than their fair share daily. We feed frogs, turtles, otters, snakes, herons, sea gulls, cormorants and Eagles on a minute by minute basis. We are constantly fighting Mother Nature for our share of something to sell to you our customer.

The warm temperatures and the early spawn are a very welcomed event this year after such a problematic year last year. But then again I guess that is why they call this fish farming. We are just farmers, man against the elements trying to produce a good crop of goldfish and koi for you to have to sell to your customers this spring and summer. Just like the many farmers across the nation are planting their crops we are doing the same. We will watch them grow, treat them if they get sick and hope we have a nice long growing season this year.

We are waiting by the phones to take your order so we can empty out the ponds of last year’s fish and make room for the new crop. Keep us in mind for all your pond needs this year. Our shubunkins, red/white common, and koi are some of the best in the country! Give us a call RIGHT NOW!

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