Heavy Duty Clean-Up on the Koi Farm

The winter is typically our slowest shipping season, but by no means are we slow. We use this time to clean up tanks in our shipping department, clean up files in our sales department and clean up ponds on our production side.

clean upThis week, we have a couple big machines pushing out brush and dirt. It is a never ending process to maintain our koi and goldfish farm, but it is a necessity to insure we continue to raise high quality fish.

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Shipping Goldfish in Winter Weather

feeder goldfish

Small Feeder Goldfish Ready to Ship

Can goldfish be shipped in the winter time? Absolutely. Goldfish are cold water fish as it is, so a little chilly weather doesn’t bother them at all. However, when below freezing temps or severe weather are predicted, we take precautions to insure our fish arrive to our customers safe and sound.

We can add insulation to our boxes, using stryofoam or foil liners, when the temperatures are frigid. We also have the ability to ship all our wholesale goldfish and koi FedEx Priority Overnight. Delivery is guaranteed by 10:30AM, which prevents your fish from riding around on a truck all day.

When severe weather is expected, delaying flights and making travel dangerous, we will postpone your order until it is safe to ship. Our sales staff monitors the national weather on a daily basis and will keep you informed if we feel it is best to delay your order.

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Wholesale Koi In Stock and Ready for You! Yes You!

5 inch koi for saleWinter is upon us. Kind of. Does 50 degrees in the middle of December count for winter?

With projected weather forecasts showing a warm up over the next week or so (63 next Wednesday!!), our production staff has brought in a nice little tank of 5 inch and 6 inch wholesale koi, that is for sale and ready for your tanks.

Take a peek. Buy a box. Or two. Or six. We won’t be mad. Promise.

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Doing our best…

2.5-in Butterfly Koi on Sale

My oldest kiddo (3rd grader), the same one who is a penny-pincher, just finished up his basketball season. You might remember the story I shared of my all-state basketball career. If not, you can read it here. Have you had the pleasure of watching third grade basketball? I sure hope so. Otherwise, you are truly missing out. Just to list a few things I get to witness my son doing during a game…

1. Stomping. Not running. Stomping.
2. Fouls. Lots and lots.
3. Eye rolling, otherwise known as “stink eye”. The stink eye can be directed towards opposing players, teammates, me, his coach…and my personal favorite, the refs.
4. Shouting. Most common phrase, “I’m open!”

With all the silliness aside, Garrett really tries his best to do well. That can be said for Ozark as well. WE TRY OUR BEST TO DO WELL. At the end of the day, our goal is to meet your needs. If you are not satisfied with any of the fish you receive from us, do not be shy. We need to hear from you. We will do our best to make it right and get you the fish needed.

We appreciate your business and look forward to filling your next order.

Have a great rest of the week!


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Wholesale Koi Dealer Locator

Wholesale Koi Dealer LocatorHowdy! Have you checked to see if you are listed in Ozark’s Dealer Locator? With spring weather quickly arriving, individuals visit our site in hopes of buying goldfish and koi.

Because we do not cater to individuals and strictly sell wholesale, we direct these folks to purchase from their local store carrying our fish, which very well could be you!

Our Dealer Locator is absolutely FREE. To see if you are listed on our site, visit http://www.ozarkkoi.com/Dealer-Locator/ and enter your zip code. If you are listed, make sure your address and contact information is current. If you are not listed, contact our office and we’ll get you added right away.

Have a website or facebook page? We can link to those sites as well.

We appreciate your business and are very excited for the 2014 pond season!

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Rebuilding Year

Bulldozer in MissouriWhen we started the 2013 koi season, we are not expecting it to be rebuilding year, but we were thrown a curve ball in August. A curve ball in the form of rain. Lots of rain. Record amounts of rain.

Our Missouri wholesale koi farm received 23” of rain in 4 days. It was crazy, intense, scary at times and after the waters receded, it was obvious significant damage had been done to our goldfish and koi ponds. Levees were destroyed and some fish were lost on roughly a third of our farm.

We have been working hard to rebuild ever since. Bulldozers and dump trucks have been running around the clock to whip these flooded ponds back into shape. The good news out of all this – these ponds have been reworked, levees rebuilt, plumbing restored and the ponds are ready to be stocked with baby goldfish and koi in just a few short months.

In the meantime, the ponds that were unaffected by the flood are housing beautiful pond fish. Sarasa Comets, Shubunkins, Pond Comets, Koi and Butterfly Koi are available for shipping today.

We would love to be considered as your number one choice for your wholesale koi supplier this season.

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Goldfish love cold water!

#goldfishlovethecold #goldfishforsale


It is a good thing goldfish and koi like cold water because they have had plenty of it this winter. As everyone has heard both Indiana and Missouri have had a winter for the record books. Our crew in Indiana is cutting through ice 16″ deep to bring in the comets, shubunkins, sarassa comets and koi our customers still use 365 days a year!

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Harvesting Wholesale Koi at our Farm

Harvesting wholesale koi out of our fish ponds is not an easy process. But over the years, we have developed a very good strategy to successfully grow, cull out and harvest our koi and butterfly koi from our ponds and move them to our shipping facilities to be further culled and sorted for orders.

seining wholesale koiThe koi are first “baited” into one corner of their pond. This is done by feeding the koi fish in a specific location. Our production crew then places a sein in the pond and captures the koi in a smaller area. Without seining the koi pond, the entire pond would have to be drained to harvest any koi.


wholesale koi being harvestedOnce the koi are in the sein, the production crew slowly reduces the size of the sein to a very small area. The fish are now ready to be placed in buckets and loaded onto our koi hauling unit. This is a very critical step in the koi harvesting process, as we want to keep their stress level to a bare minimum.


Koi Ready for ShippingThe final step in the koi harvesting process is unloading the koi or butterfly koi into our holding tanks at our shipping facilities. Once the koi fish are unloaded into our holding tanks, they will be sorted by size and quality, checked for overall health and inspected for orders.

As you can see, when you purchase wholesale koi from Ozark Fisheries, you can rest easy knowing your koi have been raised and cared for by a great group of folks!

Check out the video below…



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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? Some people are named after family members, biblicsarasa comet goldfish, shubunkin goldfishal names or maybe just a name their folks always liked. And I wonder if our parents think about how our names will affect us as we grow up. For example, my husband wanted to name our youngest son Tuf. You got it, Tuf—like Tough, but spelled Tuf. I’ll pause here while you try to compose yourself. I very rarely put my foot down, but needless to say my youngest is not named Tuf or Tough.

Named after her father Ivan, Iva Nell is not a very common name so people don’t always get it right. The next time you call the office, be sure to ask Iva Nell how many different variations of her name she has been called over the years. We’ve heard Iza Nell, Eva Nell and my personal favorite, Vanilla!

Just like people’s names, some goldfish varieties aren’t always the easiest to pronounce. Have you ever had a customer butcher the name for a sarasa comet or shubunkin? I sure have—sassafras for sarasa, bumpkins for shubunkins—you name, I’ve heard it.

But the one thing that holds true for both of these varieties, regardless of how people pronounce their names, is these fish are “bread and butter” goldfish. They should be a staple for any ornamental fish distributor looking for an affordable, yet attractive goldfish. They are great for aquariums (we have them in our office aquarium) and look great in an outdoor pond.

Be sure to ask about this week’s speacials, as Sarasa Comets and Shubunkins are on sale.

If you are reading our blog for the first time, Ozark Fisheries is a wholesale distributor of goldfish and koi, and have been supplying the pet industry with high quality fish for 87 years. Contact our office today by calling (800)775-3474 or visiting our website.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,


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Saving Pennies on Wholesale Goldfish and Koi

Garrett – Summer 2011

I recently took my six year old to Toys R Us, gave him a $25 budget and told him he could pick out whatever he wanted, but if he went over his $25 budget, he would have to use his own money to pay the difference. Let me tell you, as soon as we walked through the doors, that kid acted like a little monkey hyped up on Mountain Dew.

He ran through the Lego aisle twice (just in case he missed something), and found a few items he liked but they were WAY over his $25 budget. We then proceeded to the John Deere section where he examined all the latest and greatest in farm implement toys and tractors. But he really wanted a new Wii game, so off we went to electronics.

He found a Super Mario Brothers game for $29.99. Oh man, he just had to have it. I explained he would have to use $4.99 of his own money to get the game. Man oh man, did he think long and hard. He paced the floor back and forth, thinking if he could really ‘afford’ the $4.99. After a solid ten minutes of thinking and debating, he completely shocked me and decided he really only needed the $12.50 tractor trailer toy he had seen while looking at the John Deere toys. He would pass on the Wii game and SAVE the remaining money of his $25 budget and keep all of his Christmas money too.

Garrett selling fish at the Ozark Office – 2 years old

Garrett has always saved his pennies (maybe even a little better than his momma), but after this experience, I’ve determined this kid is tight with his money. I mean T-I-G-H-T!

We can all take a lesson from Garrett. Just because there is money to be spent, do we really need to spend it? Shouldn’t we shop around and find the best deal? Look for what we need and not necessarily what we want? Absolutely.

As you are settling on a distributor to buy your goldfish and koi to supply your customers water garden and aquarium needs, be sure to choose Ozark as your distributor. We encourage you to shop around for the best deal, and guarantee when it comes to selection, service, price and freight, Ozark is the best choice.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!



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