Harvesting Wholesale Koi at our Farm

Harvesting wholesale koi out of our fish ponds is not an easy process. But over the years, we have developed a very good strategy to successfully grow, cull out and harvest our koi and butterfly koi from our ponds and move them to our shipping facilities to be further culled and sorted for orders.

seining wholesale koiThe koi are first “baited” into one corner of their pond. This is done by feeding the koi fish in a specific location. Our production crew then places a sein in the pond and captures the koi in a smaller area. Without seining the koi pond, the entire pond would have to be drained to harvest any koi.


wholesale koi being harvestedOnce the koi are in the sein, the production crew slowly reduces the size of the sein to a very small area. The fish are now ready to be placed in buckets and loaded onto our koi hauling unit. This is a very critical step in the koi harvesting process, as we want to keep their stress level to a bare minimum.


Koi Ready for ShippingThe final step in the koi harvesting process is unloading the koi or butterfly koi into our holding tanks at our shipping facilities. Once the koi fish are unloaded into our holding tanks, they will be sorted by size and quality, checked for overall health and inspected for orders.

As you can see, when you purchase wholesale koi from Ozark Fisheries, you can rest easy knowing your koi have been raised and cared for by a great group of folks!

Check out the video below…



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Need quality koi and quality goldfish? Looking for a direct-from-the-farm supplier of quality koi and quality goldfish for your water garden or aquarium business? If so, you have found the right place. Ozark Fisheries is a family owned and operated ornamental goldfish and koi farm, supplying the pet industry with quality feeder goldfish, fancy goldfish, koi and rosy red minnows for more than eight decades. We ship quality koi and quality goldfish every week of the year from our locations in Stoutland, MO and Martinsville, IN to distributors, wholesalers and retailers in the United States, Canada and Europe. With two locations to serve you, out-of-stocks are limited and quantities of goldfish and koi are abundant. No doubt about it, with our volume discounts, Ozark Fisheries offers the lowest freight costs for goldfish and koi wholesalers in the nation.
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