Ozark Fisheries History: Roy Nakashima

It has been a busy week here at Ozark Fisheries! We are on the last leg of spawning season and have been shipping lots of great fish out the door.

This week in our Ozark Fisheries History post we are spotlighting Roy Nakashima. Mr. Nakashima was the first fish biologist for Ozark Fisheries beginning on January 1, 1928. He was a graduate from the Imperial School of Fisheries Institute in Tokyo, Japan and had over 10 years of field experience.


Mr. Nakashima set the foundation for Ozark Fisheries to get the goldfish business off the ground. He converted the trout raceways to goldfish ponds, and fancy goldfish brood stock was imported from Japan. The common goldfish brood stock was obtained from one of the longest running goldfish operations in the United States called Grassyfork Fisheries (which is now part of Ozark Fisheries Indiana division).

The picture below is of the back of one of Ozark Fisheries very first company brochures. It shows a letter that Mr. Nakashima wrote in Japanese, and then the translation below that gives Mr. Nakashima’s stamp of approval on the quality and health of Ozark Fisheries fish. The quality and health of our fish are two things Ozark Fisheries has considered to be very important from the beginning and they¬†continue to be important to us today.

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