A Little Ozark Fisheries History

I just ran across a letter written in the 1957 by Bob Cramer, long time sales manager for Ozark Fisheries, and it really hits home. Thought I should share it with you. By the way, please call us or login online to see the availability list for the week of April 4th.

Showers and Flowers For April….Probably

HAIR TODAY…GONE TOMORROW! As the fellow said when he looked in the mirror and saw that nothing new was being added.

By golly, it seems like we just can’t hang on to anything anymore.

Even the boyhood beliefs we have cherished for years in our memory.

Far back as I can remember, folks felt it to be a fact that “April Showers Brought the May Flowers.” And, as a rule they usually did.

But now we learn that some scientific son-of-a-gun stands up and says it isn’t so. Just another one of those ideas that are planted in the minds of men. Sort of a pleasant promise.

If science is set on smothering all of our fond fancies I say it’s a sin and a shame. If we want to believe that tan shoes are cooler than black or that ice cream and lobster won’t mix what harm does it do to believe it.

There’s one belief those sons-of-science can’t take away from me. It’s my honest to goodness belief in my OZARK GOLDFISH. They’re the best darned Goldfish possible to produce and I’ll stand right up in any court and swear to it.

I’ll let YOU be the Judge and jury, Simply send me something in the shape of an order and your verdict is bound to be…lovely…lovely!!

Yes sir, Judge, here’s that order blank.

Courts adjourned, Bob Cramer

Bob’s words are just as true today as they were 60 years ago. I’ll swear on my OZARK GOLDFISH and know you will too. Looking forward to filling your next order.

About Sales Team

Need quality koi and quality goldfish? Looking for a direct-from-the-farm supplier of quality koi and quality goldfish for your water garden or aquarium business? If so, you have found the right place. Ozark Fisheries is a family owned and operated ornamental goldfish and koi farm, supplying the pet industry with quality feeder goldfish, fancy goldfish, koi and rosy red minnows for more than eight decades. We ship quality koi and quality goldfish every week of the year from our locations in Stoutland, MO and Martinsville, IN to distributors, wholesalers and retailers in the United States, Canada and Europe. With two locations to serve you, out-of-stocks are limited and quantities of goldfish and koi are abundant. No doubt about it, with our volume discounts, Ozark Fisheries offers the lowest freight costs for goldfish and koi wholesalers in the nation.
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