Bullfrog Tadpoles

Bullfrog Tadpoles

Bullfrog Tadpoles

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Bullfrog Tadpoles (Rana catesbeiana) are a great addition to any garden pond or freshwater aquarium. These tadpoles will grow into bullfrogs and are natural music makers during those mid-summer nights.

Bullfrog Tadpoles can be several different sizes depending on their stage of growth. It can take up to 2 years for them to fully transition into frogs. The bullfrog lifecycle includes egg, young tadpole, mature tadpole, tadpole with legs, froglet, and then frog.

Tadpoles will eat algae and small water invertebrates until they transition to mature frogs. Please note that fully transitioned bullfrogs are carnivorous frogs and can eat small insects and fish.

Tadpoles are restricted from being shipped into AZ, PA, UT, WA. Always check local and state area restrictions regarding live animals.  Do not release any aquarium or pond species into public waterways. 

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